The genius thing everyone should do with their wedding flowers

The Reflower Project

Wedding flowers are a BIG deal. Couples spend thousands of dollars and hours of time debating the perfect colors for centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and ceremony decor. Within a matter of hours, the flowers go from being the focal point to the dumpster. An ingenious company in Boston has the perfect solution that takes your used flowers and repurposes them to benefit others!

The Reflower Project is a flower repurposing service that serves the greater Boston Area. They have a team that “re-purposes” one-time event flowers and delivers them to community centers, non-profits, shelters, nursing homes, elder centers, cancer centers, and food pantries. The Reflower Project is dedicated to reusing beautiful flowers to bring happiness to others.
How it works: The Reflower Project partners with florists, wedding event planners, couples, and even local flower retailers and wholesalers to collect flowers. They then schedule a convenient time to go and pick up the flowers at the venue, refresh and repurpose the flowers into new arrangements, then deliver them to local non-profit centers.  They even email photos of the successful delivery for confirmation. It’s a wonderful first gift as a married couple to give back to their community as their flowers continue to bring joy and happiness even after the event!
Get this, couples can even get a tax write-off for donating their flowers! The Reflower Project has partnered with the non-profits in Boston and on the South Shore that receive flowers to provide a receipt for the tax donation thus allowing the donator of the flowers to get a write-off. It’s a win-win for everyone!
Since their first flower delivery in 2015, The Reflower Project has delivered 1000s of arrangements to locations all around Boston. What started as a personal project to pass out fresh blooms to the elderly patients at a family member’s work grew into a life’s passion. Just a simple second-hand arrangement and a handwritten card can brighten the life of someone who needs a pick me up. Why not donate what you weren’t going to use anyway and bless someone else’s day!
Follow The Reflower Project on Instagram and  Facebook to learn more about what they do. To find some flower inspiration, check out our Pinterest board!



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